Spicy Beef Taquitos

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These easy, cheesy beef taquitos are one of my favorite recipes to come out of my kitchen and will be the touchdown game day (or any day!) appetizer at all your gatherings and parties! You can even make the filling completely ahead of time for an easy roll and toast appetizer!

With this Crispy Jalapeno Popper Beef Taquito recipe yielding 12 taquitos, you would think it would serve 6 but for Patrick and I, it serves 2 because we just could not stop inhaling this beefy cheesy deliciousness. And my friend who made the taquito video? She said they were all gone in seconds after the last shot. We are talking some serious, heavy hitting, undeniable deliciousness.

These tasty rolled tacos are filled with spicy ground beef and creamy cheese. Bonus: they are baked instead of fried so they are lighter on calories than the usual restaurant versions.

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