The King Of Casseroles: Tasty Cheesy Tater Casserole

We love casseroles because they’re huge time-savers. After you’ve prepared them, all you have to do is pop them in the oven, and after an hour of much needed free-time ñDING!ñ dinner is served! But sometimes you want a casserole that will truly surprise your hungry table mates. That’s where the cheesy tater casserole comes in!
It’s not only delicious, but it’s a crowd-pleaser, enticing even the fussiest of eaters. And it’s fun to make too! After safely sauteing the beef and onions, you simply add on the layers of delicious goodness: peas, soup, cheddar, and as many tater tots as your heart desires. Dig in and save a piece for us!

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