The Magical Mixture For an Amazing Home Smell…Your neighbors will envy you !

Unpleasant odors may appear in the home as a result of the presence of moisture, the appearance of mold on the walls, furniture, or surfaces, or as a result of the accumulation of waste for long periods inside the house, or because of the appearance of a smell from the places where pets are present, so the task of perfuming the house in this case is important Essentials that help eliminate unpleasant odor triggers and in return replacing them with long-lasting, refreshing aromatic natural fragrances.

Simply drizzle it in your living room, and you’ll immediatly feel lucky you come across this post! You will fall in love with this wonderful mixture the fist time you start utilizing it and each who step in your home will envy you forever !


– A small spoon of baking soda

– 3 cups of lukewarm water

– 3 large spoon of fabric softener


In an empty spray glass, pour the fabric softener and follow it up with the water and baking soda. Afterwards make sure to shut bottle and jerk it well then drizzle mixture in your home. Consequently, the impact will another for a long time – time it wears off, plain spray the mixture still