These Things Happen To Your Body When You Eat Oatmeal Everyday

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reduced LDL cholesterol levels
reduced risk of breast cancer
strengthened immune system
regulation of blood sugar levels and reduced risk of diabetes type 2
reduced risk of cardiovascular diseases
You can choose to use any of the below- listed oat products, and the less it is processed, the better. Add them to your protein shake, smoothie, yogurt or shake, or you can include them in your favorite cookies and muffins. Furthermore, oatmeal can substitute any grain in your meals.

These are some important facts about oat products:

Old-fashioned oats: They have been steamed and rolled, so as a result, they have a flattering shape
Steel-cut oats: They are made by running the grain through steel blades that slice the oats, in order to obtain a dense texture
Oat bran: It is the outer layer of the oat grain that is left under the hull
Oat groats: Excellent as a breakfast cereal or for stuffing
Instant oatmeal: It is made from cooked, and thinly-rolled grains
After only 2 weeks of regular consumption, you will experience fantastic results.

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