Turkey Wings & Turkey Stock

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These turkey wings are baked, not fried. But super crispy and rich tasting. Then use the leftovers to make the best turkey stock ever… perfect for homemade soup or freeze it ahead for holiday cooking.
Turkey wings were a surprise in my kitchen! I was making wings for turkey stock and enjoyed them so much they became a recipe we look forward to every year!

I wish I could find turkey wings year round – but I can only find them during the holiday season where I live. We treat them like gigantic chicken wings – so crispy and flavorful is a MUST! And there is a lot more meat on a turkey wing so it feels a little like cheating. 🙂

These are also baked (there is a trick to getting them crispy in the recipe!) so no splattered greasy mess to deal with… And just a bit healthier than their fried alternative.

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