Ultimate Crispy Home Fries

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Crispy diner-style home fries from your kitchen are easier than you think with my recipe!

Are you a diner fan? There’s just something amazing about a classic diner and the meals you get there. It’s honest, homemade type meals that, when you’re traveling, make you miss home.

I’d have to say 99.9% of the time when I’d stop at a diner, I’d always get a huge breakfast.

There’s just something comforting when they set a huge plate of sunnyside-up eggs, crispy bacon, sausage, toast (always cut diagonally), and a heaping pile of crispy home fries.

All that was missing was me in my pajamas and some random tv show on in the background. Well now that I don’t travel as much, I still crave those crispy home fries so I had to recreate my Mom’s recipe. Let’s get started!

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