Water Jug Door Hanger

I’ve scoured the internet searching for ideas for my door hanger this month. I saw these cute watering cans and decided to give it a try. There were so many different versions but I knew I wanted mine to be made out of a real watering jug that I had laying around. For more inspo and other DIY ideas, check out my Instagram.

Easy Budget Friendly Summer Wreath for Front Door

Choose Your Jug

I already owned this jug from Home Depot, but was going to recycle it as I don’t like how the water sprays. So this is an upcycle. AKA a win!

Score the perimeter lines

Using your utility knife, cut along the seams of the jug that you are able to reach. TIP: make multiple light passes before trying to cut deeply. That will make it a lot easier to get all the way through.

To reach under the handle, just open the jug up once you’ve cut the outside in two.

Spray Paint

Choose your spray paint. I went with Rustoleum Hammered in Dark Bronze. I love the texture that it gives the container.

Gather your flowers

I didn’t use all the flowers here. I had to play around with to see what I actually liked. After all, I am no florist.


I used my glue gun to get the flowers to stay. I found it easiest to assemble while hanging on the door. The jug is hanging by its handle.


Now you can enjoy a bright new Spring door decor every time you walk into your home. 

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