Wonderful Meatloaf

I love spending time in the kitchen cooking big meals and I love making everything from scratch! But there are some days during the week that I am downright busy and I need something that is fast, easy and everyone will eat! This meatloaf checks all of those boxes. It is fast and easy and even the picky eaters will like it!

It is made with 5 ingredients! Ground beef, a box of stuffing (I like Stove Top Savory Herbs- I am not getting paid to say that), eggs, water and ketchup! The meatloaf gets a perfect savory seasoning from the stuffing mix and takes place of the bread crumbs that you need in a meatloaf. The eggs and water help bind it all together and keep it moist, the ketchup adds a bit of additional flavor that is necessary and also helps keep it moist.

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