11 Things Others Don’t Realize You Are Doing Because Of Your High Functioning Anxiety

Numerous people do not regard anxiety as a serious health issue, but it should never be ignored. This condition might make a person passive, irresponsible, lazy, and weird.

Therefore, it is of high importance to learn the effects of anxiety, as you can thus help and understand those who suffer from it:

  1. Feelings of mental and physical exhaustion to get up from bed

Anxiety lowers the energy levels to a great extent, so patients are often too tired to even get up in the morning. The debilitating experiences due to anxiety paralyze the person, so he/she just wants to remain in bed, and thus run away from the torture in the head.

  1. When talking about the future, they are experiencing a breakdown

Anxious people often feel scared, and frustrated when thinking or talking about their future plans. They experience hard every single moment in the present, so they are even more intimidated by the future.

  1. Rewinding conversations in the head

These people constantly replay conversations in their head and attempt to find their mistakes. Due to this, they always avoid quarrels. Yet, these episodes of rewinding talks are just tiring, and lead to a feeling of guilt.

  1. If they don’t get a quick answer, they believe that have made something wrong

In the communication with other people, if someone does not reply on time, an anxious person starts to worry that he/she has made some mistake.

  1. Obsess over trivial things other people do not even notice

The mind of an anxious person can be processing a simple piece of information, like a glance or a word for days! They are often obsessed over a past conversation, a text message, a tone of a sentence, and the like.

  1. They are obsessed about previous mistakes

These people experience a real torture whenever they make a mistake, especially at work. They struggle to be perfect, but it is natural not to, and anxiety just makes it far worse.

  1. Always concerned about the worst scenario

Anxiety patients always worry about the worst possible scenario in every situation and do not enjoy the present moment. They are simply sure that things will go wrong, that they will suffer from the most serious disease, their dates will go terribly wrong, and their job interviews will be a huge failure.

  1. Difficulties to fall asleep but get up early

The processing and struggle inside the head do not allow the anxiety patient to easily fall asleep. On the other hand, the anxiety clock ticks from early in the morning, and as soon as it wakes you up, the mind just cannot stop thinking about multiple things, and you cannot go back to bed.

  1. When someone shows concern, they are even more worried

If someone asks an anxious person if things are going well, he/she becomes even more worried, as he/she believes that the inner struggle is evident, and become even more worried about his/her state.

  1. Refuse invites even though they would want to go

Sometimes, the person might actually like to attend a certain event or go on a planned meeting, when an anxiety attack occurs, and it drains the entire energy from the body. Due to this, the person simply cancels the whole thing.

  1. They compare their success to others

These people are often obsessed with the success of their peers, and wonder if they are even going to become so successful and fulfilled.

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