30-Minute Rolls

Easy 30-Minute Dinner Rolls are made with a few basic ingredients, you don’t need a mixer, and they turn out perfectly soft and delicious every time! The best quick dinner roll recipe I have ever tried!

Easy 30-Minute Dinner Rolls are a staple in my house – I make them almost every Sunday and since I discovered this recipe I just can’t bring myself to make any of my other dinner roll recipes because they take so much longer! I had tried a lot of quick dinner roll recipes before this one, but most of didn’t up being quite as fast as they claimed, or they just didn’t taste very good! I had almost given up on finding a roll recipe that I liked that took less than 2-3 hours to make, but then I discovered this one!

Reviews about the Recipe

“I’ve never made anything like this before without my bread machine. They were fantastic right out of the oven! I did brush with melted butter and Italian herb mix with some cheese melted on top as a pasta accompaniment – yum! I only made 12 rolls and have the rest of the dough frozen for future use. Make these – you won’t regret it!”

“These rolls are absolutely the best. The recipe is outstanding and easy to play with; I made these roll and followed the recipe, but used a tad less salt, added a 1/4 cup of sprouted wheat sourdough starter. unfed. Not only were the rolls delish~ There was a bit of dough left in the bowl. I scraped it out plopped a couple on a greased pan. They rocked; I am calling “batter biscuits”. With less salt and no kneading they taste perfect for a Bacon & Egg breakfast. Or make larger and they come out a little like a scone. You could a few dried cranberries or blueberries. Yummy! This recipe will be used over and over again. Excellent.”

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