5 Unexpected Reasons You’re Gaining Weight

The feeling of gaining few extra kilograms or not being able to get inside your jeans can be very frustrating. But little do we know that various reasons can be the cause of all this – everything from hormonal unbalance to lack of certain vitamins. Having this in mind, our body reacts to the factors we cannot avoid.


Plenty of antidepressants can lead to undesired weight gain. So, it is likely to expect weight gain of 3-8 kilos, which can only increase in time.

If you are not taking any depression medication, than the depression itself is the “key” factor for gaining extra weight, and the sorrow and loneliness people experience, may contribute to the weight gain as a consequence of consuming large amounts of unhealthy and calories –rich food or physical inactivity.


Plenty of medication could also lead to weight gain such as contraceptive pills, hormonal drugs, steroid drugs, beta blockers or blood pressure, arthritis and migraine medication.

Slow Metabolism

If your metabolism is slow, it would be helpful if you feel the need for relief an hour or two after meal.  If you have stool once or twice a day, that is even better. If your stool is inconstant, the dehydration, meds, lack of nutritive fibers or your gut flora may be guilty for your weight gaining.

Lack of Nutrients

Some of the reasons for unusual weight gain can be the lack of certain nutrients such as vitamin D, magnesium and iron which affects your immune system, decreases your energy and slows down the metabolism.

Getting Old

Whenever something natural, as getting old occurs, than the slow metabolism is more than expected, as well as not being able to burn same amounts of calories at the age of 40 or 50 as good as you would have done it in your 20s. That is why you need to cut down the daily amount of food and exercise more.