7 Up Biscuits

If we know anything about biscuits, it’s that everyone has their own preferred recipe and texture. If you fall into the camp of light and fluffy biscuits that are easy to make, read on. 7UP and your favorite biscuit mix can put a treat on the table in no time. These biscuits are so quick and easy, and so fluffy and delicious at the same time. You’ll never want to make biscuits differently again! Only 4 simple ingredients are needed to make these superbly rich, tender, and fluffy 7-Up Biscuits. Better yet, no biscuit cutter needed. These magical biscuits are wonderful with breakfast or any southern meal. If you are looking for a new biscuit recipe to try OR simply happen to have some leftover 7-UP lemon-lime soda, I have just the recipe for you! These 7-UP Biscuits are soft, fluffy and literally melt in your mouth. They are super easy to make even without the Bisquick baking mix.

To make the dough, just mix Bisquick with sour cream and then slowly add the 7-Up. Throw in a pinch of salt and turn the dough, which will be very sticky and wet, onto a floured surface. Be sure to coat your hands and the top of the dough with flour too. You don’t really need to knead it (no pun intended). I try to mess with it as little as possible and just shape it to fit the pan. Then I plop the whole piece of dough in the pan and cut it into individual biscuits when it is done cooking.

“These biscuits are delicious and not as fattening as the recipe might lead you to believe. That stick of butter is allotted through the whole recipe and the biscuits are so tasty that you won’t need any toppings!”Have you ever tried making biscuits? It’s a little intimidating at first because you’re trying to keep the butter cold and cut it into the biscuits just the right way, not over mix or over pat the dough, and then there’s the recipe itself! Did you pick the right one because they are for sure flatter than the picture! And then we discovered Crazy Easy 7 Up Biscuits! Oh my goodness!!