Amazing Crescent Roll Apple Dumplings Recipe

In my opinion, any time of year is a good time for apple recipes. Not just fall! There are just so many great ways to use apples and my brain just starts buzzing with all the possibilities. One of the first recipes that always comes to mind are these dumplings.

I’ve discovered the 1001th use here with these incredibly delicious crescent apple dumplings. Since I had quite a few tubes of the refrigerated dough on hand due to a great sale about a month ago, I had almost everything I needed to make these little beauties. One thing I lacked was the lemon soda that was in a Facebook friend’s recipe.

Absolutely! Peaches work perfect in this dessert. Check out my recipe for FRESH PEACH DUMPLINGS! This recipe is just so easy and you only need one apple for 4 servings or two apples for 8 servings. And the crescent rolls take on a whole nutha flavor when combined with the cinnamon and butter. My husband just loves this because he loves apple desserts and I love it because it is easy peasy! Just double the recipe and use a 9×13 pan for 8 servings.

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