Amish Broccoli Salad

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The first time I had a raw broccoli salad was at my bridal shower over 20 years ago. My mother’s recipe for broccoli salad had bacon and cranberries. Yum. It’s been my family’s go-to summer salad ever since. But it’s nice to change things up once in awhile. This Amish broccoli cauliflower salad does it for me. It’s especially a hit with the cheese lovers in the family!

This recipe, too, is easy to customize. Try replacing the cheddar cheese with Parmesan or any other favorite. Add seeds or nuts – sunflower seeds would be great. Try using a colored variety of cauliflower for fun.

As the summer salad season approaches, this broccoli salad recipe is definitely a keeper! The recipe comes from an Amish woman in Navarre, Ohio. Navarre is at the northern edge of Ohio’s “Amish archipelago.” Some of you may know Navarre as home to the Nickle’s Bread bakery, the smell of which permeates every corner and crack of the town. The rolling hills and temperate climate of this part of Ohio makes it ideal for growing gardens full of broccoli, some of which can be used in this delicious salad recipe. Give it a try!

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