Apple Enchiladas

If there’s one thing I enjoy about cooking, it’s that no matter how many recipes I’ve tried, I always run into new
and even more delicious versions. I’ve made enchiladas a gazillion times (my whole family is crazy about them,
so we basically have them once a week…) There was this one recipe I had for years and I was pretty sure it
was the most amazing one on the planet – until I ran into this one.
I’m telling you, I have never seen my kids gobble up a meal so fast! They ran for seconds before they’re plate
was even empty, and they kept talking about this meal for two days! I’m pretty sure they’re going to want us to
have these twice a week from now on…
The best part is, the Apple makes enchiladas a little leaner, and if you choose low fat options instead of your
regular sour cream and Monterey Jack cheese, this is basically diet food. Or at least I like to convince myself it
I have to warn you, though – no matter how lean these enchiladas are, it doesn’t help because you’re going to
devour twice as much! These are just too darn irresistible!

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