Back To Basics With Chicken And Mushrooms!

My husband’s favorite dish, hands down!

Memorial weekend is such a long weekend, but a fun one. We all look forward to the three day weekend where we can go to the beach, grill out, and hang out with our friends and family. Its always a fun holiday and very low pressure might I add. But boy oh boy is it tiring! Everyone is out at the beach or community pool. There are crowds of people everywhere.

While I love the festivities of this three day weekend holiday, I am so exhausted when it is over. It’s like now Tuesday is here and I have to go back to normal every day life. I have done nothing but have fun all week! My fridge is usually pretty bare too might I add. So, on Tuesday I am struggling to make something for dinner. I don’t want anymore fried foods or to go out to eat.

This past Memorial Day I had to bring it back to basics. I got out some chicken and mushrooms and decided to cook that. I found this wonderful recipe that seasoned the chicken just perfect. Not only was this a quick and easy meal to make, it is a healthy meal to give you a bit of the break from the Memorial Day party food. This recipe is absolutely wonderful!

Recipe and photo credit courtesy of Cook Diary.


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