This puffed and golden bread pudding— eggy, cheesy and studded with bacon—works equally well at the brunch or dinner table.

acon, Parmesan and Olive Bread Rolls — If you like simple and straight forward recipes, here’s what you’re looking for! Bacon, olive and cheese make a wonderful combo, just like this quick bread recipe we made a while ago. Perfect as appetizers, these savory bread rolls will delight your guests for any kind of party.

I stumbled across this recipe while looking for something different to take to a brunch. Boy, am I glad I did! Everyone asked for the recipe and was surprised it called for only five ingredients. It’s the perfect treat to bake for an informal get-together.

It’s time for bacon bread. Or, more appropriately, Bacon!!! Bread.

But bacon wasn’t enough. I decided that I wanted just a little more. Maple. Yep, instead of sugar, I used maple syrup. And to enhance the maple flavor even more, I added just a bit of maple extract.

This bread would be the perfect vehicle for a scrambled egg sandwich, don’t you think? Or French toast. Or even a tomato and mayo sandwich.

The title of this entry says it all for this one: Bacon.Bread. Delicious, fluffy bread with tons of bacon baked inside. Does it get any better? I really don’t think so. I’m pretty sure TheBetterHalf would be happy if this was the only bread I ever baked going forward. I mean what is not to love about three quarters of a pound of bacon being added to your bread dough? And imagine the sandwich possibilities with this loaf. A turkey sandwich…on bacon bread. A grilled cheese with tomato…on bacon bread. A BLT!….on bacon bread. What doesn’t sound better when you put it on bacon bread? I think even a PB&J would be phenomenal on this bread. I may or may not have tried that….TheBetterHalf was grossed out, but I thought it was amazing!


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