Baking Soda And This is The Worst Nightmare Of The Pharmaceutical Industry

Even though baking soda can be found in every home, only a few people use its full potential.

Namely, despite its well-known properties for cleaning, baking, and scraping, baking soda can be used in various other ways, especially to promote overall health.

Furthermore, it is inexpensive, and can be used to treat various health conditions and issues, avoiding the harmful and expensive pharmaceuticals.

Also, it can be used in various ways, and treat pains, acne, different symptoms, and even severe diseases.

The earliest record of the use of baking soda as a medicine dates from 1924 when Arm & Hammer used it to treat and prevent the cold and flu. They discovered that its consumption diluted in water prevented these illnesses, and treated if caught.

Moreover, baking soda effectively treats pain due to ulcers, as it can replace the anti-acid drugs and neutralize the pH of the stomach, thus soothing the symptoms of ulcers.

However, one needs to change the lifestyle habits and reduce stress, but the oral use of baking soda significantly contributes to the treatment of the issue.

It is a bit more alkaline than blood and aids the transport of oxygen to the body, and raised the pH levels if they are too low. Therefore, it is very useful in the case of various conditions resulting from acidity or deprivation of oxygen.

As we live in a world where we are surrounded by acidic and chemical compounds, every single cell of the body will benefit from the use of baking soda.

Experts recommend the use of baking soda in the case of arthritis, ulcers, cancer, diabetes, skin conditions, (from scars, sunburn, to acne) and cardiovascular disease. It can also be used as a sunburn remedy, a foot bath, and in the preparation of natural aluminum- free baking soda based deodorants.

It oxygenates the body and thus supports the direct access to more oxygen, especially in cells which lack it.  It alkalizes the body and creates a more alkaline, healthy environment in the body.

However, its consumption in water is not the best solution, as since it is quite alkaline, water goes directly into the gut which should be acidic in order to digest hard food. Hence, this may weaken the digestive system and the gut.