Here’s the problem, so many banana bread recipes called for applesauce, sour cream, instant pudding and so on, so how could I really call that a classic recipe? The longer I tested the more issues I ran into. I know you’ll want to skip right on over to the recipe, but trust me, you will have better results if you read through the post first and watch this video, so here’s what my criteria was:

Grandmother’s banana bread usually included chopped pecans in hers as well, but you can omit them if you like. I love the personally love this with chopped roasted pecans and think it makes the most delicious banana nut bread ever! But it’s still a scrumptious banana bread even without the nuts!

Not only is this bread perfectly sweet, but it stays moist for days. No dry banana bread anywhere in sight. You can enjoy this bread plain or mix in some chopped walnuts or even chocolate chips. However you make it, this is one recipe that you’ll want to keep on hand!

This is the most successful and versatile quick bread recipe I’ve found! You can also use chunky applesauce or a 15 ounce can of pumpkin for wonderful variations.

This is my husband’s recipe which he has perfected over the years and he is known for his Banana Bread! He makes it frequently and it always disappears fast! It’s super moist and makes a great breakfast on-the-go. We never have over-ripe bananas that go to waste.

Have tried many banana breads but this is one of the best. I added walnuts to mine. Would recommend this to anyone. A winner for sure!

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