Best Cowboy Pasta EVER

My husband always has a group of his buddies over to play cards a few times a year. They rotate between all of their house, but when they are at mine, I am the ones that gets nominated to cook for everyone. It’s not a big deal, the cooking part. It’s just so hard to fill up a group of hungry men. One dish never cuts it. I am constantly refilling chip bowls and taking down more cheese and meat trays to the basement when they are begging for more foods. It gets exhausting after a while.

I wanted to do something different this time than a bunch of different appetizer-style dishes. I wanted a meal that was going to fill them up, and keep me from running up and down the stairs!

When this recipe came up on The Weary Chef, it was like my prayers had been answered. Easy, hearty, and it sounded absolutely amazing, not to mention affordable. This was going to be the winning ticket!

Whenever I cook pasta, I make it with meat so it can be a good meal, especially for lunch. Check out this amazing cowboy pasta.

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