Best Upholstery & Carpet Stain Remover

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While I was browsing Pinterest a while back, I came across a picture saying this was the best carpet stain remover ever. So I pinned it. I don’t really have any stains on my carpet because I have a carpet cleaner, but I knew I might need this concoction at some point. Well, as it turns out, the arm of my loveseat ended up getting a few stains on it. So I wondered if this stuff would work for upholstery, too. This is honestly the BEST stain remover I’ve ever come across! Since I was only using a little bit, I didn’t make 2 cups worth like the original “recipe” calls for but instead cut it in half. I accidentally poured out what was left over instead of keeping it, so I can’t tell you how long it is good for. I’m not sure. So next time you have a stubborn stain, try this stuff! It REALLY works!

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