Bet You’ve Never Made Pancakes Like This Before – So Easy!

How To Cook Breakfast Without Having To Cook At All

My husband is the type of person who immediately silences the alarm in the morning, jumps out of bed, gets dressed and can get ready for work within 10 minutes. I am the opposite. I can get out of bed right away, no problem, but I need some time to let my brain adjust to the fact that I’m not sleeping anymore, haha! I would say it takes at least an hour and a few cups of coffee before I can say I’m awake.

This is why it’s sometimes a little difficult to make breakfast for the both of us; I’m not awake yet when he needs to eat, and when I’m awake he has already left for work. Fortunately, I’ve come up with a great solution! I make breakfast in the slow cooker, and using the timer he always has a meal prepared even if I’m still out of it.

This slow cooker pancake recipe is one of our most recent favorites. I had never thought of making pancakes in the crock pot before – I usually just made breakfast casseroles or oatmeal, but ever since I first tried this, we’ve had in in our breakfast menu pretty often!


Quick Tip: For blueberry pancakes; add only a little bit of syrup in the batter. Pour batter in the slow cooker and sprinkle fresh blueberries on top.




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