Breakfast Cheese Danish

Most of the time we eat a healthy breakfast. Our staple daily favorites are egg bake and roasted vegetables, and/or berry bake. But once in a while, especially on weekends, we enjoy this easy breakfast cheese danish for breakfast and snacks,

If you have kids, this is also a kid-friendly recipe to make together, and soon you’ll be able to delegate it to them as one of their things to make for everyone. It’s a quick one to learn by heart, so by the second time you make it, you may not even need to pull up the recipe.

Do you remember a short while back I posted a recipe for SHORTCUT APPLE DANISHES? Well, I got such great feedback from that recipe that I had to try my hand at some cream cheese ones. So I tried my hand at a yummy cream cheese fillings and butter my butt and call me a biscuit – I was surprised at how good these turned out. So this one is for all you cheese danish lovers!

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