Cabbage patties

A very healthy dish from the Turkish cuisine. You are going to enjoy these delicious veggie patties. You can make this as a side dish with any dinner menu. Here is the nutritious and delicious cabbage patties recipe that you can easily prepare!

Imagine the meeting of sausage and coleslaw. How nice that sounds, right? How about getting along with sauerkraut? And of course, our recipe today is that the cabbage patties is dispersed in your mouth and the flavor you get at that moment!

It, one of the most nutritious vegetables, is among the indispensable flavors of European cuisines, especially in winter. This nutrient-rich food is effective against many ailments, from heart diseases to inflammation. You can either steam sauté, fry or bake it.

Cabbage meals are ready to accompany you with unique recipes on your table.

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