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I would recommend NOT making alterations to this soup because the purpose of the set recipe is to lose weight. I did lose weight when I made this (it was for a vacation), and it tasted great!! I checked with a local hospital, and they said this recipe is used for overweight patients to get them to lose weight rapidly to prepare for surgery. I would recommend this recipe to anyone!

I’ve been making this for my boyfriend for about three months now. The only thing I do different is to add ground turkey. He eats a light breakfast of whatever he wants, a light sandwich for lunch and the soup for dinner. He likes to add some heat in the form of Tabasco or different dried peppers as it heats on the stove EVERY NIGHT. He’s lost over 50 pounds! I’m sick of making it, but if it’s working and he’s enjoying it, I’ll keep a pot of it in the fridge.

First of all, a minor caveat– I’ve never had to diet, since I have a pretty fast metabolism, so I can’t really compare this to other diets. BUT… Several years ago, I started a new job and found myself sending out for fast food for lunch every day, eating it at my desk. All of a sudden, my clothes started to… *shrink*. I stepped on the scxale and saw that I’d gained 15 pounds!!! I panicked! Found this “diet” and decided to try it. The weight just went away! It does get a little boring… But it’s tasty and painless; think about adding different spices and/or herbs to the soup to vary it… chili powder, curry, etc. Now, I *did* have to change the way I had lunch once I lost the weight… No more fast food breakfasts and lunches (except for the occasional emergency…), trying to get out and walk a bit a few times a week at lunch… But it did get the weight off and– with my revamped lunch hour– kept it off.

I ate this soup for months when the recipe came out years ago. You have to eat nothing else to lose weight….and I did, about 30 lbs.!! I gave the recipe to everyone at work and they all lost weight too. Besides which, it is an excellent soup (not so much for breakfast as we did back then!) but I still like it. I have added chick peas to the recipe for some protein. Also some lean hamburger goes well. Thanks for the memories!

This is a very good for you and tasty soup, however, when I used to make this some time ago, I also thought that it lacked something or needed a little more flavor. To give it the flavor it needs, I decided an old trick my grandmother use to use in her vegetable soup…..add a jar or can of sauerkraut in place of some of the cabbage and it gives it just the zing it needs. Other than that, I left the recipe pretty much as is, I just didn’t do a whole lot of measuring, just threw it all together and let it cook. Enjoy!

I make this when I’m looking to lose weight quickly. I tried to follow the recipe as close as I could, adding minced garlic and omitting the canned green beans, but adding more celery and carrot. (Ew. Am I the only person who can’t stand canned green beans?) I also added basil, oregano, thyme and a couple bay leaves. It dosen’t affect the fat burning process to add a little flavor, does it? 😉 I used my biggest stock pot and it came right up to the edge. So, plan accordingly. TIP: Make sure you are close to a bathroom about an hour or so after you eat this. This cleans out your system VERY well. EDITED: One pot of this soup lasted me one week, eating it three meals a day. To make it more filling, I add just a little cubed chicken breast. Just in a week, I can feel my pants getting looser. Good stuff. ANOTHER TWO WEEKS LATER: Down ten pounds!

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