Cajun pasta be Poppin

Customize this fast pasta recipe using your favorite pasta shape (or the one your kids will eat). The hearty sauce uses turkey sausage for a low fat meat option.

This Creamy Cajun Chicken Pasta comes together so fast! This easy chicken dinner recipe is the perfect combo of spicy and creamy! You will love every single thing about this recipe, from how easily it comes together, to how delicious and comforting it is to eat. If this is your first Cajun inspired recipe that you are making at home, don’t stop here, make this Cajun Cobb Salad and this Jambalaya soup. They do not disappoint. And with your own cajun seasoning recipe on hand, they are even better!

Hey gang! Here’s a quick and easy recipe for you. Ready in about 30-45 minutes depending on how quickly you move. What you will find is that you’re making your own Alfredo sauce using the heavy cream, butter and Parmesan cheese except we just add it all to the noodle pot once they’re done boiling. No need to take all that extra time making the sauce in a separate pot. You literally can throw all the ingredients in one pot and have this shit crackin’! Let’s get straight to it!

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