Our shortcut version of a classic Italian cream cake uses a cake mix, but has a homemade cream cheese frosting and is topped with flaked coconut and chopped pecans.

You can ALWAYS find an Italian cream cake at my family holiday shindigs. I think everyone in my family has my grandma Barb’s highly requested Italian Cream cake recipe (and now so do you, welcome to the family!) so it really doesn’t matter who brings it. This recipe is fail-proof and always comes out tasting fabulous! But let’s just start by saying that Italian Cream Cake isn’t exactly Italian. It’s more of a southern thing. I’m not really sure what the origin of Italian Cream Cake is, but I know it has been very popular in the south for years and I mostly associate it with Christmas.

The cake itself is soft and moist with a super yummy vanilla-coconut-butter flavor. The frosting is a regular cream cheese frosting with coconut and pecans added to compliment the Italian cream cake. It’s delish and even if you don’t like coconut, I bet you’ll still love this cake!

I love a good boxed cake mix (Duncan Hines 4 Life!) Hey, I’m too old to be a food snob at this point. But at least I’m honest. 

This Italian Cream Cake with pecans and cream cheese frosting is not to be missed, especially for those southerners out there! It’s moist, creamy, and nutty—what more could you want?


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