Cheap Way To Get Rid Of Head Lice That Doctors Won’t Tell You

Both children and adults can suffer from lice, although infants are more subjected to this uncomfortable experience.

Head lice spread and breed very fast, causing severe itching and trauma that is persistent if not treated on time. These miniature insects feed on the head blood and are pretty contagious. Many remedies are offered on the market, and even though some are effective, they can be pricy and fabricated.

Multiplication of lice can lead to many infections and scar tissue as result of the itching. What you need to do is to forget everything you think you know about destroying lice and follow this all natural and hugely effective lice treatment that will help you incredibly.

Here it is:

Ingredients and supplies:

Listerine mouthwash (or any other mouthwash of your choosing)
Lice comb
White vinegar.
A couple of towels.
Shower cup or plastic bags

Wash head with mouthwash until totally wet. Wrap hair in a plastic bag or cover with shower cap. Leave mouthwash act for an hour and then remove cap or bag.

Do a second wash, this time using the white vinegar. Cover hair again under a cap or a bag and leave it for another hour. Remove cap or bag and wash hair with your everyday shampoo. Finally, comb hair with lice comb and you are done.

First results are immediate and it will cost you almost nothing to perform this easy and successful method.

The Listerine odor will destroy the lice, thanks to the peppermint content in it. You can also do a Listerine spray and use it on hair before leaving the house.

Why Does This Treatment Work:

It is absolutely toxin and chemical-free
It is permanent- the lice are not likely to reappear
It is cheap
There is nothing hazardous or health threatening about the treatment for both kids and adults
The hair also gains in shine, health and strength by doing this treatment
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