Cheesecake Brownies With Fresh Cherries

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A treat of a super fudge brownie, combined with cheesecake and cherries! What is not to love about this? Chocolate and cherries go together like Laurel and Hardy, Rick and Forty, coffee and cream. This is not a recipe you want to avoid making. Sure it has calories, but the flavor far outweighs the fact.

Happiness for me, as well as millions of others, begins with chocolate and cherries. I remember being a kid and my mom would bring in the first cherries of the season. Man, I was so ecstatic, I sat and ate all the cherries I could handle.
Now that I am an adult, I have found a company that delivers the freshest cherries that I could dream of. They are super juicy, delectable bites of heaven. Cherry season is one of my favorites, actually all fruit seasons are my favorite.

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