Cheesy Jiffy Corn Casserole

Looking for a side dish that’s sweet and savory all at the same time? We’re not talking about full-blown, dessert-level sweet, but just the perfect pops of sweetness here and there that add depth and greatness to the recipe. That’s this cheesy, jiffy corn sour cream casserole we’ve got for you today. One box of corn muffin (essentially, cornbread) mix is all you need to get started here – and not a big box, mind you; there’s so much yummy stuff going on in this dish, the cornbread mix adds substance and holds things together, but isn’t the star of the show. This is an ensemble-piece of a recipe where all the ingredients work together to make something amazing.

Along with the cornbread mix, we’ve got two cans of corn in there (one normal kernels, one cream-style), so it really is jam-packed with fresh flavors, then egg and plenty of cheddar cheese, plus, sour cream, which helps keep this from being dry. No one wants dry corn casserole, so the sour cream is crucial here, you’ll see. You mix together your cornbread mix, butter, corn(s), egg and half of the cheddar cheese (all of which can happen in the same casserole dish you’ll end up baking it in), then you drop your sour cream down in dollops and swirl it all together. The finished product is piping hot with sweet bites of corn and yummy pockets of sour cream. Oh man, we’re practically drooling just thinking about it.

Even though there’s cornbread mix in this, don’t expect it to cook or taste bready. It ends up being similar to a spoon bread, but the corn – particularly the creamed corn – keeps this a little on the thicker, denser side of things and makes it less likely to dry out. Thank the heavens, ‘cause it is delicious this way. At the end of the day, this is a dish that is suitable for any occasion and goes with just about any main course out there. Barbecue ribs? Uhh, yeah, this corn casserole is an awesome choice. Creamy chicken skillet? Sign us up for that with a side of this. You name it, this jiffy corn casserole will go swimmingly with it. Don’t believe us? Make it and see for yourself!

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