Chicken Noodle Casserole

I love a good casserole. You just can’t beat a tasty and filling meal that is all in one baking dish. My Mom made casseroles a lot growing up. Somebody had a baby. You made a casserole. Somebody died. You made a casserole. Got a promotion at work? Let’s celebrate with a casserole
Freezes well too!

Casseroles were (and still are) perfect for every occasion. They are so comforting and most casseroles freeze really well.

This casserole I’m sharing with you today is creamy, chicken-y deliciousness. We love it so much, we freeze the leftovers to have for a whole other meal later in the week or later in the month. That’s another bonus about casseroles. If you make too much, they make fantastic leftovers.

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