Chicken Pozole verde

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You can use pork or chicken
I boiled 8-9 chicken thighs with skin and bone in water and chicken broth. Add whole onion, head of garlic, and a bay leaf. Boil until the chicken is falling off bone. Remove the bone and shred the chicken.

I fire-roasted 3 Anaheim peppers and set them in a bag to steam. When they’re done remove the charred skin.
Then I boiled half an onion, 10-13 tomatillos, and 3 jalapeños. When the skin from the tomatillos turn pale green remove all boiled ingredients and Add to a high-speed blender with 1 bunch of cilantro, salt, chicken knorr, a pinch of cumin, a little bit of chicken broth, 3 fresh garlic cloves, and oregano.
When done blending strain and add to a pan with oil and simmer.

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