Chocolate Cheesecake Cookies

If you’re like us, you’re familiar with a certain feeling that sometimes strikes when you least expect it. You don’t know when or where it will happen, but when the craving for cheesecake hits, you know you can’t ignore it. That was us the other day, just grabbing some groceries when we realized that we were perfectly situated to grab all the necessary ingredients for a cheesecake confection. But not just any cheesecake confection, no.
Instead of a classic cheesecake or a seasonal twist on said classic, we decided to stray a bit further from the traditional version and make a batch of cheesecake cookies to satiate the craving instead. If you haven’t tried your hand at a cookie-cheesecake hybrid then, first of all, stop what you’re doing right now and prepare to have your mind blown. These are cloud-like, light, fluffy, cakey cookies that have the perfect tang from the cream cheese and that really do taste like cheesecake. Remarkable. We didn’t stop there though, we wanted to make these a little decadent, so once we baked up the perfect batch, we melted some chocolate and ground up some graham crackers.
Ooh we went there – we dipped the bottoms of each cookie in chocolate and then gave it a quick dunk in the graham cracker crumbs. Hello, chocolate graham cracker “crusted” cookies! These bad boys are just so, so good, you have to try them. They take care of the cheesecake craving and also give you a new favorite cookie recipe to add to your arsenal. Win-win!

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