Chocolate Delight

Chocolate Delight is a simple layered dessert that includes a pecan shortbread crust, a cheesecake-y cream cheese layer, & a rich chocolate pudding layer that’s all topped with whipped toppings & pecans.

The chocolate delight dessert is made with a graham cracker crust. It’s layered with pudding, sweetened cream cheese, whipped topping, and optional chopped walnuts or pecans. Chocolate Delight is a sweet, creamy, layered treat that is easy to make and the perfect dessert to make and share. Try making this treat for your next potluck.

It is Monday and I am back on schedule…I told you I would get it together.

Anywho…Cooking was certainly going to be part of my future because I was surrounded by so many women that believed in cooking for family, friends, church functions, and the neighborhood. Yes…I said the neighborhood…because if I did not have anything to eat, then I knew exactly which house to go to get a hot plate that was made with love.
The variations on this basic recipe are endless. Make it with a pecan shortbread crust or a pretzel crust, or use butterscotch, pistachio, or banana pudding. See the many possibilities below the recipe.

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