Cinnamon Cream Cheese Bars

Yum! The smell alone makes this 1000% worth it.
The cinnamon-sugar topping on Cinnamon Cream Cheese Bars reminds me of an elephant ear or churros. This dessert bar recipe is much easier to make at home with crescent roll dough and has a layer of cream cheese for extra goodness!

Imagine a crescent roll crust with a perfect combination of cinnamon and sugar then filled with a rich cream cheese mixture. Whether you’re imagining or eating these cream cheese bars this is a recipe that leaves you and your guests wanting more!

Growing up in a dairy farming family we love the rich flavors of dairy products. Being human we love how sprinkling a cinnamon sugar evenly over melted butter and crescent dough really makes the magic happen in this recipe. Pop this combination in the oven to make a unique dessert is a hit at every get-together.

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