Cinnamon Honey Butter Roasted Sweet Potatoes Recipe

Only 5 ingredients to make these perfectly delicious, sweet cinnamon and honey butter roasted potatoes! No one can resist these, great way to get everyone to eat and enjoy veggies.
It’s recipes like this that make it possible for me to get my kids to eat their veggies.

Any vegetable is better with butter, right? And sweet potatoes are almost like a treat, especially when you add a little honey and cinnamon so no one could resist these!

They’re really easy to make. It’s just a bit of dicing then pour those sweet potatoes into a baking dish and toss everything with that melted, cinnamon honey butter mixture then toss it in the oven.

Then they roast for about 50 minutes until they’re soft (not mushy though, we aren’t going for mashed potatoes) and they are just dreamy!

I always get so excited for Thanksgiving. I especially love that we can have Thanksgiving at our new house and it can host the entire family. It makes it a whole lot easier preparing everything now that I have double ovens. I can be cooking the turkey and all of the delicious side dishes that I want to include.

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