Cinnamon Spice Neiman Marcus Bars

Cinnamon spice Neiman Marcus bars. While we still haven’t quite gotten to the bottom of how this dish got its name – maybe because it’s as rich as Neiman’s clientele?? – either way, we’re going to roll with it. Seven ingredients are all you need to make these indulgent, sweet and tangy bars. A box of spice cake mix does most of the heavy lifting for you here, then it’s just about mixing up your cream cheese mixture to pour on top of the cake mix and letting the whole thing bake to perfection….

Speaking of which, this dish is a thing of beauty when it comes out of the oven, what with its golden brown, crackled crust that forms on top, flecked throughout with cinnamon. Yum. What you get here is an ooey-gooey tray of spiced cinnamon goodness, with a creamy middle layer that’ll have everyone scrambling for “just one more piece.” What we love about these, apart from how great they taste, is how simple they are to make. There’s no fussing around with a crust, which means no need for a food processor or even a pastry blender, plus you basically get three distinct layers for the work of two; win-win!

These decadent bars are perfect for any occasion, whether you just want a little something special to serve after dinner, or you need to bring something to a school function – these deliver every time and have a designated spot in our dessert rotation – so good!

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