Condensed Milk Chocolate Chip Cookies

Say you have a craving for chocolate chip cookies and you happen to be out of eggs. If you’re anything like us, chocolate chip cookie cravings are a common occurrence in your household, and you’ve run into this particular eggless conundrum more than once. (We know we have.) But never fear, we’ve found a way to satisfy that chocolate chip cookie craving that doesn’t require a trip to the store to pick up more eggs. All it takes a little can that most of us have hiding in the back of our pantry or cupboard – sweetened condensed milk!

It’s true. Sweetened condensed milk makes an excellent egg swap when it comes to chocolate chip cookies. While it’s not an exact replica – this and the original have some differences in taste and texture – it’s an excellent cookie in its own right, with a soft crumble and mellow, sweet flavor.

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