Cookie Sheet Sugar Cookie Bars

We’ve got a certified, grade-A sweet tooth, which probably comes as no surprise, but it means that we’re constantly on the hunt for new, delicious dessert recipes, especially ones that don’t require too much time or effort, but that have a big impact when we look at and bite into them. Which is why these cookie sheet sugar cookie bars are so good! Forget about rolling out cookie dough and taking your cookie cutters to stamp out perfectly even cookies (and then repeating the process three more times until you’ve gone through all your dough…).

We’ve got a completely different method that still serves a crowd, but that only takes a fraction of the time and effort. In fact, skip the rolling pin and cookie cutters entirely, you don’t need them, since you’re just spreading your dough into an even layer on a baking sheet, then slicing them up into bars once they’ve baked to perfection. This is a little wetter than a typical sugar cookie dough, but you’ll press it into your cookie sheet and then let it bake for 12-18 minutes – cooking time depends on your oven – or until the edges are just golden and the center still looks slightly underdone; don’t worry, it sets more as it cools.

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