Cornbread Salad

One thing I’ve always appreciated is just how broad the definition of salad is. Lots of leafy lettuce? That’s definitely a salad. A jiggly jello creation? Sure, that too. Pasta, potato, broccoli, wedge, fruit, bean… there are countless options. While so many of them are great when you’re entertaining or attending a potluck, this Southern Cornbread Salad tops the list for me when I need to bring a side somewhere. Its layers make it seem elegant, but it’s easy to make and entirely delicious.

If you use storebought cornbread, this will take you all of fifteen minutes to make, though it looks like a lot more effort went into it. There are layers and layers, but not a lot of chopping to be done – just some tomatoes, red onion, green peppers, and green onion.

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