Crack-Tastic Crackers

So, I had some of these crack-tastic crackers in Texas recently and I had to try and re-create them. I don’t like to joke about drugs, especially crack, but really, these are so addicting. So, just say NO…if you must. You won’t eat just one, I can guarantee you that. So, maybe you should say no. It’s up to you, I’m not your mother. You will be hooked. These are not your every day cracker. They are for a special occasion. Like a Tuesday. These crispy, crunchy, herby, cheesy crackers are so easy to make—and very, very hard to stop eating. You’ll understand why they’re called Crack Crackers after the first bite! Back again from the blogging abyss to share a recipe worth making. This is the perfect Super Bowl snack or easy and delicious option for any get together. Just make sure you bring copies of the recipe along! Here’s what I learned about these highly addicting little buggers

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