Crazy Crust Pie

Crazy Crust Berry Pie – this easy berry pie recipe has a crazy crust that creates itself in the oven. It’s a cross between a pie and a cobbler! If you don’t like crust (or think you can’t make it) but want to make pie, THIS is the easy pie recipe for you.

Crazy Crust Pie Recipe makes a delicious pie using flour, sugar, baking powder, butter, milk, egg, fruit pie filling and cinnamon sugar and the pie is simple and easy.

I used fresh apples seasoned with nutmeg,cinnamon, and all spice. I added 1 cup sugar and 4tbs butter I then microwaved this mixture for approx 5 min. Then I added flour,egg, baking powder and mixed these like listed with about 1/2c sugar. Combined all and mixed up. Added lemon juice last turned out great. Thank you for the inspiration on this recipe.

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