Creamy Lime Squares

Did you really think I would send you off into the world tomorrow without a green dessert recipe in your back pocket?
Do people even still really say “in your back pocket” anymore? How about “on your computer screen?” or “on your iphone” or, even better, in your oven?
Truth be told, I was going to wait until tomorrow morning to post this finger-lickin’ puckery sweet creamy lime bar recipe but then I thought to myself there’s gotta be at least one of you out there that will stay home tonight, on a Friday night, and bake. And I’d really like to you bake this if that’s you!
This recipe is adapted from my lemon bar recipe that I posted a few years ago. Wow…did I really just say a few years ago? That’s weird. That recipe was from one of my very favorite cookbooks— My Nepenthe. Next time you’re in the market for a great cookbook, please try this one! It has beautiful photos, recipes and stories from my favorite place on earth, Big Sur. Speaking of Big Sur, I am taking Adam camping there for his birthday next month! Air mattresses, pedicures and wine will be involved.

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