Crock Pot BBQ Beef Roast

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We FINALLY had a weekend here in Ohio where it was semi-sunny and in the 60’s! Our “Spring” has been more like an extended winter, so it was amazing to actually have some Spring-like weather. Aside from just instantly lifting my mood, the warmer weather gave me a craving… for cookout food!

I’ve talked here on the blog before about my serious love of cookout or potluck food. It’s so amazing to me… like my warm weather comfort food! From jalapeño popper macaroni salad, broccoli salad, tequila lime coleslaw and fresh strawberry pie… I can never get enough. Usually we go for a more traditional pulled pork, but an absolute favorite in our family is our shredded beef barbecue!

“This is an old recipe my mom used to make for us kids. It is so good it almost melts in your mouth! Serve on sub rolls.”
I make this all the time but keep meaning to rate this so here goes. I rate this a 5 with my alterations, otherwise it is a 4. I usually use a 4-5# roast, I use the recipe as listed plus I place a sliced onion on top. After this has cooked 6 – 8 hours or so, I take it out, drain the juice out, shred the beef and return to the crock pot. I then add another 18 oz of barbecue sauce and simmer it until whenever we are ready to eat, usually another one to three hours. Sometimes I buy the economy 32 oz of barbecue sauce and use 1/2 in the beginning and 1/2 after shredding. I have had best results with KC Masterpiece. I have one son that likes Sweet Baby Ray’s but that is a bit sweet for most people’s tastes. For work functions I cook this in the crock pot all day, come home, drain and shred, place meat in fridge. Next morning I add the meat plus the extra jar of barbecue sauce, take to work and put in slow cooker on low and it is served for lunch approximately 4 hours later. It gets RAVE reviews! This is highly requested and so simple! I can usually find roasts on sale for 1.79/lb plus so it is economical when feeing large crowds. Try this, I don’t think you will be disappointed!

This recipe, was a HUGE hit with everone (60 ppl) at my party recently, and was the most requested recipe of all time for me. For absolute success, I have two tips: USE EYE ROUND ROAST! It’s leaness allows the meat to slow cook for 8 hours without diluting the BBQ sauce with liquids from fat. After the meat is cooked and cooled, slice it thin and return it to the crockpot on low. I used (4) 4 lb roasts cut in half. (Remember, 60 people and 4 crockpots!). Half way through cooking time, I turned the sections over to allow them to cook evenly in the sauce. Second, if you haven’t spotted the Bourbon Whiskey BBQ Sauce recipe submitted by Kevin on this site yet, you should. It’s better than great. This combination made the dish to die for. All I could hear in the crowd was “the barbeque beef is sooooo good”. If you really want your cooking to please, this combo does the job. Thanks!

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