Custom Look Cornice and Shower Curtain

This little condo of ours was going on the market and I wanted a custom look cornice and shower curtain without spending the money for that.

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My fabric – LOVE!

First I made the shower curtain. It was a straightforward sewing project. Since the fabric wasn’t wide enough I pieced it together in three pieces so there wasn’t a seam down the middle. Buttonholes at the top for the hooks and it was done.

Next time I’ll use colored tape.

Then the cornice. I used 1/2″ foam core board from a hobby shop and cut it to size. I never found the perfect tool. If anyone has suggestions, let me know! I tried a utility knife, an x-acto knife and a kitchen knife. The board wasn’t wide enough so I pieced it together and taped with duct tape. I made a big X across the seam to reinforce.