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My famous Homemade Cream Puffs recipe: light and airy cream puffs filled with vanilla pudding cream are always a hit with family and anyone I’ve served them to. If you want an impressive, pretty dessert for Christmas or any holiday, this one is it!

When you need a fast and fabulous dessert to feed a crowd, this is it!  I made about 16 cream puffs from this recipe and the filling makes enough for you to generously stuff each one. No skimping allowed on the filling because it is THE BEST!  This time I piped my shells with a pastry bag but that is definitely not necessary. I usually just use 2 spoons and push the dough onto the cookie sheet!  Either way they will look pretty. A nice dusting of powdered sugar finished them off, too!  Try these out and see just how simple it is to conquer the cream puff!

You’ll swear they are the best cream puffs you’ve ever seen, because they are gorgeous. And when you taste them? Real sweetened whipped cream and delicious creamy custard in a perfect golden crust. Yes, they’ll also be the best cream puffs you’ve ever tasted.

These little beauties have been the star of our family’s Easter dinners since I can remember. When they come through the front door I am sure they’re backlit with heavenly light. My husband worries I’m giving away some family secret by sharing it. But, I’m generous. And I would love if these became a family tradition for you too.

You have to make this!! When you need a fast and fabulous dessert to feed a crowd, this is it!


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