Deviled Egg Spread

Deviled Egg Spread is an appetizer that tastes like egg salad. This is best served with sliced baguettes or any kind of bread. Great for Easter!


Yesterday I threw a baby shower for my friend Camille at my house. We had a night filled with lots of food and lots and lots of pink.

My friend Camille happens to also be a marriage and family therapist. So when we get together and talk, she’s unknowingly giving me free therapy. And thank goodness it’s free because her hourly rate is way beyond my budget.

It’s not that she’s consciously trying to analyze me. As with most people who excel in their profession, what she does is organic to her and probably one of the reasons she pursued her career in the first place.

My obsession with eggs continues with this Deviled Egg Dip/Spread.

I’m sure there’s a reason behind my love for eggs but no one has ever lifted that rug. Not even Camille.

But why don’t we call a spade a spade? This is basically a less chunky version of egg salad served with crackers or baguettes. I personally prefer it on bread or baguettes because it’s truer to the egg salad taste I love.

It’s a great twist on classic deviled eggs and a whole lot easier. This recipe is a blank canvas so if you love crumbled bacon on top, great! Want a little heat? Add some horseradish!

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