DIY Concrete Countertops

Hey friends!! These DIY concrete countertops are one of my most asked about DIY projects! This post was originally published in May 2018, but I am republishing it now with some updates for you! If you follow me on Instagram, I’ve been giving you all some updates in stories on how these have held up over the past 2 years (we completed them in early May 2018). So here ya go – how to install DIY concrete countertops with Ardex Feather Finish concrete with 2 year updates! I will tell you up front, these counters are NOT impervious to scratches. My husband opened two wine bottles (cue downward pressure in circular motion movement) on them and they scratched. Now, by “they,” I mean the SEALER scratched, not the counters themselves. And that is what the sealer is there to do, right? I’ll explain a bit more later, but I did already fix the scratches right up, and they are barely visible except in very specific lighting when you catch a glare off of them. That said, even marble and quartz counters scratch! With these, it kind of just adds to their character (though you can bet I have since banned my husband from wine bottle opening on the counters). But I digress… let’s get to the nitty gritty of the DIY concrete countertops process, and then we can return to the inevitability of USING your counters and what that might mean!

diy concrete countertops

Preview!Aren’t they pretty though? Perfectly industrial chic farmhouse vibes (especially when new counters are NOT in the budget!)

NOTE:With 2 people, this project is totally doable in a 72 hour period (if you choose the Omega Sealer), not including the cure time for the sealer, which is 4-7 days, at least for ours. It was a lot of work, but for being able to completely transform our counters in less than 3 days?! I would do it again in a heartbeat

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