DIY Storage Bed With Drawers…almost for FREE.

diy storage bed with drawers almost for free

We’re in the process of renovating what used to be my son’s room into a “modern farmhouse style” bedroom for my daughter. Since my girls are both teenagers now, they need their own space, so we moved my son into the guest room and my youngest into his room.

The desire of her heart was for the IKEA Brimnes Bed because of the copious drawer storage underneath. She’s very organized and likes to have a place for everything and everything in its place. Well, the IKEA bed was out of her budget since she’s paying for the room reno. herself. We searched FB marketplace, CL and Offerup but to no avail.

Lucky for her I had this $30 Dixie Campaign dresser that I picked up at Habitat that I intended to resell. One of the drawer pulls was damaged beyond repair and I couldn’t find a replacement at a reasonable price, so I had already decided to just sell the pulls on eBay. UNTIL, it occurred to me I could use it for the base of a storage bed, along with the other unused highboy dresser from my son’s room.

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