DIY Vertical Cinder Block Planters

Need a way to spruce up your patio or yard?

I really needed a way to spruce up this bare spot in front of a fence in my yard. I have a bunch of plants and not enough room on my deck for all of them, so I decided to make a set of vertical cinder block planters, or planter sculpture.

diy vertical cinder block planters sculpture
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First, set up your cinder blocks in the arrangement you want your final planter layout to be. Make sure to take a photo of your layout.

Count how many of the block holes will require plants, then plan for one piece of landscape fabric and chicken wire per hole, as well as soil and the plant. If you are placing your blocks in your yard, make sure it is a level spot, or you will need to make it level.

Hint: Make sure you do this step first. I set up my layout after painting them and the paint hadn’t fully cured so I had to repaint many spots. You will avoid having to add extra time if you decide on your layout first.

diy vertical cinder block planters sculpture
STEP 2The blocks need to be washed. You can spray off most of the dust with a hose, but you will need to spot wash, using the nylon scrub brush where you see dirt. If you have a pressure washer, use it and skip the hand washing.
Wash the blocks on a driveway or paved surface, not on grass or you will end up doing extra work. Make it easier on yourself and stack a few blocks to use as a table so you aren’t bending down the whole time. They will be wet when you put them on the drop cloth.

Don’t let them sit in a pool of water, move them around if necessary or they will take much longer to dry. If it’s sunny, stick them in the sun for speedier drying.

Don’t start priming and painting these if it will rain before you are completely finished, unless you are working in covered area. Moisture will get in and make it very difficult to paint and the tackiness may not go away for quite a while.

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